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The online emporium that’s perfect for Christmas

An online store packed with Christmas charm

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The online emporium that’s perfect for Christmas

November 20 2009
Lucia van der Post

I love glamorous department stores as much as the next person and, in fact, last year I sorted almost all my Christmas shopping by spending a day in a certain chic emporium, saving myself from cracking up by indulging in some smoked salmon and chilled white wine at half-time. But not everybody has such a department store to hand, nor can everybody give up an entire day to the matter. Which is where one of my favourite online stores comes into play. was started by two young women, Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker, who had the brilliant idea of bringing together online the output of hundreds of small designer-makers. Almost everything notonthehighstreet sells comes from a producer so small that he or she couldn’t possibly support a shop of their own. The site has a knack of coming up with products that have a lot of charm, and there’s plenty for those who need to keep an eye on prices.

If you need a socking great stocking (from £10), a Christmas stocking tote bag (first picture, £6) or a fistful of stocking fillers (a whistle toothbrush, £3, a handlebar plane, second picture, £4.50), you’ll find it there. There’s bigger stuff, too – how about a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe chair upholstered with a picture of the divine Norma Jean from London Cows for £745? It also offers everything you need to wrap. A godsend for anybody too busy or too far away to get to the shops.