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Giving more wellie to your boots

A Brazilian brand’s vibrant boots can now be customised

Giving more wellie to your boots

January 12 2012
Vicki Reeve

Last April, Havaianas introduced its collection of brightly coloured “rain boots” to the world. It was a canny move, especially in the UK, which had already taken to the Brazilian brand’s super-comfy flip-flops – their well-cushioned soles, flash colours and patterns, plus the way they keep their shape – but which had to take the Havaianas slogan “Always summer” with a pinch of salt. As we all know, every sensible British festival-goer always packs a pair of Wellington boots, just in case, and Havaianas’ rubber boots helped jazz things up a bit in the rain.

Now, in store this week, Havaianas is launching its “make your own” concept for boots: shoppers can customise their Havaianas wellies with cute little pins – think ladybirds, flip-flops, lovehearts, robots and skull and crossbones – that fit to the cuff atop the boots. Simply choose a pair of boots from the range of eight (pictured), from the more sedate plain green or black versions to the swirling Elegance design on brown background or the vibrant palm-tree, citrus fruits and blue-sky print Always Summer.

You’ll never pick up the wrong pair of wellies from the chaos in the boot room again.