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Neil Barrett

The designer gears up for the Milan shows – and a birthday celebration

Neil Barrett

January 11 2012
Neil Barrett

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I wake at 8am already thinking about the second day of casting, which will be upon me when I reach the office. But, more importantly, it’s my partner’s birthday – so I of course wish him a happy one. It’s another beautiful crisp blue sky this morning so I eat my porridge for breakfast on the terrace – so far a great start to the day.

I arrive at 9am and straight away my team and I are analysing what will arrive from our own factory. We’ve yet to receive one or two items for the next show and it’s always good to double check in case there are any last-minute surprises.

By 10am the boys for casting have arrived – this morning it’s Elite, followed by another seven agencies this afternoon, but Alex Dunstan and Harry Goodwin are looking perfect for the collection.

I find myself juggling my time between show meetings as well as happily sending out last-minute text invites to my partner’s birthday celebration tonight – and of course ordering lots of cakes and chocolates for after dinner. So last-minute, I know, but there is still so much show preparation to be done, as always.

Before I know it, it’s 1.30pm and time for a briefing lunch with the show’s stylist, Robbie Spencer, and the design team to ensure that we’re all on the same page, before we continue with the afternoon casting sessions, which stretch from 2pm onwards.

As important as the casting is, I briefly break for a meeting with my in-house PR team to review the seating plan to ensure that all departments are happy: commercial, press, buyers etc. I decide to have a last-minute move-around of my own personal guests.

Come 7pm – finally – it’s time to review the board of the models we’ve seen so far with the styling team, and also think about the other ones we are yet to see.

And right at 9pm it’s off to U Barba Trattoria for the birthday dinner. I've gone for a nice intimate evening with a fun group of friends from the art and fashion world – such a good night. The whole thing sails past and then it’s off to bed at around half past midnight; I need to ensure that I’m on top form for tomorrow.

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