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Keld Mikkelsen

The Danish fashion designer relishes people-watching on St Barths

Keld Mikkelsen

December 27 2011
Keld Mikkelsen

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Another sunny day in paradise. I was up with the sun this morning but stayed in bed for a long while, reading the latest issue of Pure magazine (, published by my good friend, Jean-Philippe Piter.

Pure is a free magazine for tourists visiting the island of St Barths. However, with Jean-Philippe being a nude photographer (a very talented one, with a very sensual tone to his pictures, I might add), when the first issue was released some years ago, the 12 pages of full-frontal nudity caused quite a stir and the island’s youngsters went crazy in their hunt for a copy. Needless to say, it sold out in no time.

Looking at the issue I read today, Jean-Philippe is taking it all to another level with his passion for nature and improving the environment. I’ve placed an ad in the magazine that says, “Let’s keep Saint Barth pure while we still can, reserve your right to preserve. Join us at:

My night’s sleep was interrupted by a 3am phone call; I need to remember to turn off the phone before going to bed while here because of the time difference. It was a call from the office in Denmark. It’s funny how problems pop up as soon as you are out of the office! The issue this time was that the model we had booked for the 2nd Day new season shoot was sick and couldn’t make it to the shoot. I have no idea how they planned on me solving that problem from here, and I think the real reason for my fantastic PR manager calling me was that he missed my voice and just wanted to talk.

We went to Isle De France for lunch. Isle de France is a small hotel and restaurant on Flamands Beach. The hotel is operated and owned by the local priest, who can usually be found sitting at the bar with his wife enjoying a glass of white wine – today was no exception. I wonder each time I see him there at the bar if the Bible is OK with a priest running a very profitable business on the side of the church job and having as much wine and fun as the rest of us! I certainly hope the Bible approves, what a brilliant God we have then.

Lunch was fantastic, but what about the music? What is it with the French-inspired St Tropez-type of “untz untz untz” music? They played it very loud and people my age, 54, and older, pretended to enjoy it but were clearly not understanding it.

Something else I found funny was the surgically-enhanced woman sitting next to us. They all look the same: big lips, high cheekbones. You know they are not young, and they certainly know they are not – and the only thing the surgery changed is that she has lost her ability to express any type of visible feeling. I know I am being a bit harsh, and I am actually totally OK with plastic surgery if it makes you happy. But in many cases it looks like it has the opposite effect on the women having had it done.

Had too much wine again today. Somewhere inside me there is a guy who craves wine with his lunch every day on holiday. It must be the Viking gene in us Scandinavians. The French and Italians can handle their alcohol, clearly. But us Scandis and, well, the English, are not very good at knowing when enough is enough. Did I mention that the priest is English, by the way?

After a loooong beach walk, back to the house, and we were back to our reading by the pool. Another hard day.

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