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Keld Mikkelsen

The Danish fashion designer on the mysteries of women’s luggage

Keld Mikkelsen

December 23 2011
Keld Mikkelsen

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I’m woken up at 7am by the drill-buzz of the builders working on some small adjustments out by the pool. Having adjusted to the chilled vibe of St Barths, it didn’t stress me out – rather, I seized the day and got out of bed to tidy the house for my family’s arrival. Even though we had a maid coming in later, I never take the risk of the house looking less than perfect when my family arrives. Not saying that my wife is in any way difficult (considering she is most likely to read this, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting such a thing) – but she has the eyes of an eagle, and I can tell you that the evening will be a lot more pleasant if everything is in perfect order and the house is looking the exact way she wants it to.

My wife, Marianne Brandi, is the mastermind behind Day Home, our interior line, which we are very proud of. The way we came to launch the Home line was very organic; wholesale customers visiting the showrooms kept asking who had done the decorating, where they could buy the beautiful accessories and furniture my wife had sourced from around the world, or had especially made for the Day offices. And today, almost seven years on, we are very happy to have the collection be such a celebrated and successful part of the Day universe.

Before heading to the airport to pick up Marianne and Amalie, I spent some time with Mic, who was to leave the island later in the day. Even though he travels very light, it took him hours to get his packing sorted. Not sure what to make of that – either he’s very much looking forward to going home, or he is a bit challenged by the “difficult” task of putting the few belongings he brought with him here, into a suitcase. We go way back, and during the 25 years I have been travelling with Mic his packing habits have always amused and puzzled me.

At the airport I learn that Marianne and Amalie’s Air France flight is 90 minutes late; I almost lose hope about seeing my much-missed family today, as arriving late to St Maarten most likely means missing your connecting flight to St Barths. However, through a stroke of luck they managed to get seats on the very last flight of the day; and we are finally all together again.

To add to the day's good fortune, all of their luggage has rather improbably arrived with them. How two females with only light summer clothing in their luggage can conjure up three massive, extremely heavy suitcases beats me; it is just one of the great mysteries of the world. And I know you all are wondering, so the answer is no, my effort to make the house look flawless didn’t really succeed, if the small corrections Marianne made all over the house immediately upon her arrival are any indication. But hey, I tried.

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