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The shoe is on the other foot

Fashion bloggers get the chance to create their own shoes

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The shoe is on the other foot

November 20 2011
Lindsay Macpherson

The authors of blogs Style Bubble, Carolines Mode and Style Salvage might be more used to critiquing fashion than designing it, but this month the tables have turned, as (the online marketplace that stocks more than 1,500 fashion labels) has engineered a role reversal for six influential fashion bloggers.

The bloggers – four womenswear writers and two menswear – were partnered with Six London, the shoe-producing powerhouse that has made footwear for the likes of Comme des Garçons, Phillip Lim and Acne. With the help of the company’s traditional shoemakers in Porto, each was tasked to create a pair of shoes, with only 20 editions produced in each style.

The results are as eclectic as each blogger’s writing style, and include a modish white-soled desert boot from Facehunter’s Yvan Rodic (second picture, £214), a pair of navy-blue silk sandals adorned with oversized bows and studded with hundreds of tiny Swarovski crystals (courtesy of Alix Bancourt of The Cherry Blossom Girl, first picture, £326) and – true to form – a lethal-looking pair of navy and burgundy studded booties from The Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine at £379 (third picture).