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An online store of rare and lovely things

Exceptional artisans and designers, all under one e-roof

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An online store of rare and lovely things

October 20 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

The tag line of Nayella’s pretty logo is “unique things to love”, which is a claim that I viewed with some scepticism because a store packed with truly unique things is a rare gem these days. However, since the founders, Courtenay Lester and Antonella Vergati (Nayella is a blend of the last letters of their first names), have trawled the globe from their US base in their search for exceptional artisans and designers, and since the succession of images flashing up on the home page did appear to back up their claim, I decided to take a look around.

And I am glad I did. Nayella currently has a compact roll call of 13 designers and artisans (only two of whom I’d heard of before) but the site only went live this month and Fine Jewellery, Bags and Accessories boast some very lovely things indeed. Things such as String Theory’s D_Verse Shawl (first picture, $220), Hoi Bo’s Wet Wax Pleated Purse with two-toned straps (second picture, $390), and Lilly Hastedt’s Blue Jasper Polo Collection cuff links (third picture, $4,950).