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Boots that are made for walking – and posing

Merrell celebrates a big birthday with a special limited-edition boot

Boots that are made for walking – and posing

October 19 2011
Vicki Reeve

When, five years ago, I bravely agreed to go on a walking holiday with the boyfriend along the coastal path in Cornwall in November (it must have been love), I reluctantly accepted the need for hard-working, waterproof boots. Which, as far as I was concerned, meant I’d be joining the square brigade in unattractive clodhoppers. But while I can hardly say that the Merrell boots I chose were dainty, I was pleasantly surprised by their appearance – not to mention the fact that they were instantly comfortable and light, and kept my feet warm and dry – and me happy. Many hikes later, they are still going strong, and I’ve since added a pair of Merrell lightweight waterproof summer walking shoes, which I’ve even been known to wear in town.

So it’s no surprise to me to hear that by way of celebrating its 30th anniversary, Merrell, known for its high-quality, high-performance outdoor footwear, has teamed up with three sanctums of fashionable cool – Dover Street Market in London, and Colette and Pigalle in Paris – to provide good-looking, limited-edition boots. From November, each of these stores will offer just 30 pairs of Merrell’s original Wilderness Canyon boot in black (Dover Street Market and Colette) or rich brown (Pigalle; all £150; sizes 6.5-14); the chunky six-holers will be imprinted with a tracking number and store-stamped to prove their provenance. They even look great with a tailored suit, as seen on the DKNY catwalk, proving that while these boots may be made for walking, they’re just as good for posing about in.