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John Rocha

A big family birthday beckons for the fashion designer

John Rocha

August 12 2011
John Rocha

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It is raining outside as I sit at my desk listening to Hank Williams. Earlier I said goodbye to my wife, Odette, who is off to London to turn over our shop on Dover Street for the AW2011 season. Odette loves retail and is really great at it.

Meanwhile I am working away on the SS12 collection for London Fashion Week; it feels as if we are wishing our lives away with this forward planning! Castings for a new fit model continue, but we are still searching.

I got a call from my sister Eileen in Hong Kong. Odette and I will visit in October for mummy’s 92nd birthday. Eileen is organising a weekend in Macau for the seven brothers and sister and their siblings. It is going to be mad… I hope some of us will win at the casino.

Later I have a photo shoot in aid of the Irish Deaf Society. The society is organising a photography exhibition as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations this year. I am thrilled to be part of the exhibition that will include photographs of well-known Irish people from the worlds of music, art, sports and media signing a letter of the Irish Sign Language alphabet to represent their profession or area of work. I was photographed making the sign F for Fashion.

I have a meeting with my Australian architect, Jana, to discuss the new hotel design project outside Aix-en-Provence. This is my first hotel project since I worked on the Morrison Hotel in Dublin more than 10 years ago. I am incredibly excited but also a little nervous. I am also looking forward to spending three years on site in beautiful Provence.

Later I plan to have dinner with my good friend Ger Heffernan, who I haven’t seen since we were both fishing on the River Test earlier this summer. Ger is not the best fisherman but he is a music-head, so perhaps we will catch a few gigs around town after dinner.

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