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Alberta Ferretti

A fashion frenzy in Milan as the designer prepares for her big moment

Alberta Ferretti

February 24 2011
Alberta Ferretti

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The big day has come: the day of the show. I wake up earlier than yesterday as I need to make sure that everything is ready for the press conference scheduled at 9am in my showroom. I will see some Italian and Japanese journalists, as they won’t be able to attend the show but this way they have the chance to preview the collection and interview me. After about an hour, I go back to do the final fittings until lunchtime.

My show is at 5pm but I head to the location almost two hours before and immediately go backstage to oversee the situation: some models are already here and others are still arriving. The hair and make-up teams are frenetically working to remove the make-up of the previous show and dismantle all the hairdos. Minute after minute the backstage is getting more and more crowded: my design team, the models, the dressers, the photographers, the journalists, the cameramen – what a frenzy!

An hour before the show starts we do the final rehearsal. I sit in the front row and enjoy a sort of “private” show; the music is great, the girls are charming, the lights are perfect, the hair and make-up are flawless. No last-minute changes this time!

As it’s now almost showtime, the buyers and press start entering the venue and taking their seats. Models are being lined up backstage; we are ready to start. I’m thrilled – each show is like my first show, a great and unforgettable emotion.

The lights dim and it begins. For the whole duration of the show I stay backstage to personally check that each model is perfect before walking the catwalk. There’s total attention and concentration, it’s a very tense series of moments. As soon as the show is over I feel the pressure decreasing and journalists and friends come backstage to congratulate me. I love to share this moment with the people I love. I take time to say hello to everyone and to answer a few interviews – I want to explain my collection and its concept in detail so that I’m sure the right message gets through.

In the evening I attend the Vogue Talents Corner event at Palazzo Morando; it’s a good opportunity to see the work of some interesting upcoming designers and to spend time with journalists and other designers in a friendly atmosphere.

It’s almost 9pm and my driver is taking me back home. This has been such a long and exciting day and I’m sure I will have a good night’s sleep!

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