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Alberta Ferretti

The designer’s final, fashionable preparations

Alberta Ferretti

February 23 2011
Alberta Ferretti

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This is the day before my show. I woke up very early, had a shower and a healthy breakfast with some fruit and a coffee, and then went into my office. The first fitting is at 9am and then I have back-to-back fittings for the whole morning. Fittings are very important because I have to choose which look fits better on each model and it’s all about the right proportions. There are always some complications – models who miss their flights, or who are running late – so the schedule is in constant evolution and very hectic, but I manage to always stay concentrated and focused on what I’m doing.

I have rice with vegetables for lunch and then I start the fittings again until mid-afternoon. There’s a brief stop to shoot a video interview for in my showroom, where I explain the concept of my collection as a sort of special preview. Then it’s on to the next crucial meeting leading up to the show: the hair and make-up test. This season I’m working once again with hair stylist Guido Palau and make-up artist Lucia Pieroni. We make a good team – we know each other very well after working together many times and it’s great to work with such talented artists, as they always know the best way to enhance my clothes. Both Guido and Lucia have an extensive view of the collection, piece by piece, and then they start creating the look, trying various shades and textures and studying which colours are going to be big trends.

The test is normally done on at least two models, so I can choose from a couple of different options which one works best for my collection. In the end we all agree on a great look – I’m sure it’s one that women will actually want to replicate in real life! We finsh up at about 8pm but before going back home I quickly visit the location of the show: a historic courtyard located in the beautiful Palazzo del Senato, right in the heart of Milan. The venue is breathtaking and full of charm; I personally check all the details – the lights, the catwalk – to make sure that everything is perfect and exactly as it is in my mind. (I know; I’m a perfectionist.) And tomorrow’s show will be live streaming on my website (; it’s so exciting to give everyone the opportunity to see the show no matter where they are in the world.

Everything seems to be fine and running smoothly so I go back home, have a cup of hot tea, and then go to bed, to rest up for the big day.

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