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Time-limited luxuries

A fashion brand is taken to a whole new level – in very limited numbers

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Time-limited luxuries

February 10 2011
Avril Groom

Even though we know it is well-designed, decent quality for price and often pretty in a slightly self-conscious, quirky English way, Boden has become a bit of a yummy-mummy cliché. Many women now shy away from it. Johnnie Boden knows this all too well, so now he has come up with a bright idea that should get many Boden-deniers scurrying to come on board.

Friday February 11 sees the launch of Boden Limited Edition, which takes the brand to a new level – more sophisticated design, better-quality fabric (much of the spring collection is silk), greater attention to finer detail, slightly higher prices and, best of all, very limited numbers. There are only 300 of some styles worldwide, which, to Boden, is very small potatoes indeed and means that the chances of spotting your best friend in the same frock are infinitesimal.

The whole spring collection of 34 styles is going in at once. There are some typical, 1960s-inspired Boden prints, but the best items are the most understated – a plain, pale gold-flecked duster coat with print lining (first picture, £150), a bronze taffeta 1950s-style shift dress with jewelled neckline (first picture, £135), a bright red silk-print occasion dress with delicate ruffles and a little crystal (fourth picture, £135) and – my personal favourite – an elegantly tailored navy silk and cotton dress with an A-line skirt and finely tucked waist (second picture, £110).

Less subtle but a real showstopper, a silver sequin cardigan is £250, while ruffled slate fabric sandals (third picture, £125) look far more “designer” than middle of the road. It’s all online only with no repeats, so be ready with fingers on the mouse at 6am.