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Frédéric Malle

The French perfumer on the allure of ‘his‘ Central Park

Frédéric Malle

December 18 2010
Frederic Malle

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Rushed to my window this morning to watch my new favourite spectacle: dozens of gardeners rolling out huge long pieces of lawn as if they were laying a carpet. They are planting a garden the size of three football fields which will look as if it had been there forever within two days. This is a sort of instant reward – a kind of revenge on nature.

I love living by the park – Central Park – and I can’t stop looking at it. Being a very grand person, I often allow myself the fantasy – even believe – that it is my own! I was always fascinated by the fact that people decided in the middle of the 19th century to create this rectangle of nature in the middle of the city. To me, this minimalist shape prefigures the shape of Mies Van der Rohe buildings.

Had lunch at the Cafeteria of the Museum of Modern Art – one of my favourite places. I spent days at MoMA when I was an art history major at NYU. I suppose that place has left a strong imprint on me as far as my take on modernism is concerned. MoMA’s ongoing interpretation of the Bauhaus message is perfectly illustrated in the Museum cafeteria, where it was taken to the level of an art de vivre. Simple, delicious food in a good-looking, but not at all ostentations environment. A place where form is dictated by function, but where neither is compromised. A vision of the bright side of New York, which made me want to come back here to live.

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