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Frédéric Malle

A day in the NYC life of the parfumeur par excellence

Frédéric Malle

December 17 2010
Frederic Malle

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Took my daughter to ballet class. I like the idea that, unlike what most people say, some things actually never change in New York. I love the Degas-like room, where, in the tradition of 19th-century French ballet, 30 little girls see themselves as ballerinas – with, to reinforce this traditional view, a Russian piano player in the corner, pounding on her keys as if she was leading Nureyev.

But the traditional part stops there: she is wearing leather pants, and we are surrounded by gaga parents (myself included) – most of them wearing multicoloured fleeces and holding one of these giant Starbucks coffee cups (probably a tall unsweetened decaf mocha with skimmed milk, or something highly precise like that) – encouraging their children’s every little step. I love those bizarre New York mixes.

I’ve started working with Dominique Ropion on one of our oldest pet projects – or pet perfumes, I should say. Two years ago, when we were developing our candles, we discovered new tricks to make perfumes smell even more true to nature. Now I am torturing my friend Dominique again to turn one of these flower discoveries into a wearable fragrance. We thought that we were pretty much there when we left off, so we decided to come back to it later with a better perspective.

We gave it a try today, and realised... that we are not there yet! Pretty frustrating after more than a year of work. But we’ll get there eventually. That’s the price one pays when one wants to make sure things are perfectly right.

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