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The superheroes who are here to save Christmas

If Christmas fills you with fear rather than cheer, help is at hand

The superheroes who are here to save Christmas

December 14 2010
Vicki Reeve

If you thought you could handle all the Christmas preparations over the next week or so and are now panicking at the lack of time, or if your festive plans have changed (I know of some Brits who’ve only just decided to stay at home in the Cotswolds rather than fret about getting to Switzerland and having to face the inevitable travel chaos during the UK’s Big Freeze), then The Organisers are here to help save the day, and maybe longer, with their Christmas Package.

A “private office” with discreet, multilingual PAs available 24/7, The Organisers can deal with last-minute and ad-hoc requests, and could just turn out to be the superheroes their name suggests. They will, for example, dress your house to your taste, arrange a chef to rustle up the turkey, goose and/or alternatives (just think how fabulous it would be not to have to worry about doing the catering for vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-allergic guests), and arrange a party with fireworks, music – even an ice rink in the garden. They’ll also do all your Christmas shopping and deliver it, gift-wrapped, to your home. And all this for £75 per hour.

It’s like having your very own fairy godmother to ease you into the Christmas spirit. Oh yes, it is.

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