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John Rocha

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John Rocha

December 10 2010
John Rocha

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Woke up to a dull morning in Dublin – grey skies – and had a quiet cigar while I waited for my daughters, Odette and Simone, to get ready. We all went to the studio together, and Odette and I basically spent the morning with Simone, discussing her autumn/winter collection. Lunch was the usual miso soup and salmon sashimi, and the afternoon was spent doing fittings on Niamh, my house model, for my own collection.

I left the studio at 4pm to do a personal appearance at Arnotts department store from 6 to 8. I do this event every year – it’s a signing event for Waterford Crystal, for whom I design collections – and it went very well despite the difficult moment the Irish economy is in. The people were all lovely, there was a nice Christmas atmosphere, and of course a couple of glasses of champagne helped.

On my way to Arnotts, I stopped off at Oliver Sears’ beautiful new gallery on Kildare Street, and ended up buying myself a piece from Irish sculptor Patrick O’Reilly that I couldn’t resist – a wonderful work called March of Scissors.

Then I had a late supper at home with Odette, caught up with the soccer on TV, and fell asleep in front of the fire.­

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