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John Rocha

From London inspiration to Dublin celebration

John Rocha

December 09 2010
John Rocha

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Tired this morning, as it was a late night after the British Fashion Awards. I headed off this morning to see Plain Space, the John Pawson exhibition at the Design Museum. I really admire his work.

Afterwards I decided to look for Odette’s Christmas present, so I headed up to Mayfair and popped into the antique jeweller SJ Philips on Bond Street. Later I met a good friend for lunch in Scott’s – just a main course, and no wine, as I had a meeting right afterwards at Debenhams at 2pm with the head of the internet business. It’s a fast-growing business for us, so it needs a lot of our attention – but all is going very well.

In the evening Odette and I caught the flight back to Dublin (no delays thankfully, which was great). Arrived in town just in time to go to Simon Carmody’s 50th birthday party, in Town Bar & Grill. We had just intended to drop in for a short while, but of course it turned out to be a lovely night with many friends, as these things do, so I couldn’t tear myself away…

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