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John Rocha

The designer fits models and fields meetings – between cigar breaks

John Rocha

December 07 2010
John Rocha

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Another lovely morning in Dublin, as I walk into my studio at 6am. The snow is melting, but it is chilly and fresh. I have a couple of cigars en route, and pick up a copy of The Irish Times and a coffee. I put on Hank Williams, read the paper and have another cigar. Then I begin work in earnest, really enjoying the peace and quiet of the studio until everybody arrives at 9.30am.

I meet with Ros, one of my four pattern cutters, then Odette and I begin fittings with Niamh, my house model, at 10am. There are lots of toiles ready for me to fit – a successful morning, with everything going in the right direction.

After a lunch of miso soup, a salmon sashimi and several cigars, the afternoon is a series of meetings with Monica, my managing director. She updates me on the progress made on all the licensing businesses – the figures, forthcoming presentations, etc. I take two Solpadeine…

Then I take a call from Regan, who is head of marketing at Waterford Crystal in the US. The new collection, Folio, which we launched last September in New York has been well received, especially by the buyers from Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s.

Odette and I leave the studio at 5pm to catch a flight to Heathrow, which is delayed for several hours by the snow. We finally get to the flat in Mayfair at 11pm – having unfortunately just missed our chance to pop into Wild Honey on George Street for a delicious supper.

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