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A smart new website for lovers of all things vintage

From film posters to furniture, this is a world of vintage

A smart new website for lovers of all things vintage

September 24 2010
Lucia van der Post

If you love vintage things (vintage being anything older than 25 years and younger than 100 years – after 100 it becomes an “antique”), then there’s a wonderful new website for you to browse. It’s opening in the last week of September, it’s called Vintage Seekers and it embraces the whole spectrum of vintage – from film memorabilia to watches, classic cars, vintage fashion, jewellery, rare and fine wine, and, most excitingly of all from my point of view, furniture.

It’s been founded by Lucy Evans, who runs her own fashion PR company, and her partner Rob Keylock. Lucy has always been crazily obsessed with vintage design in furniture and fashion, while Rob has a passion for vintage watches and memorabilia. Essentially what they have done is scour the dealers in all things vintage and handpicked those that meet their stiff aesthetic remit, which they will then feature on their site. The idea is to connect those who are looking for special pieces with the very things they’re looking for. To cover all the dealers in the real world would require more time and stamina than most of us could muster. On the web, they’re all within easy reach.

While it’s the vintage furniture that most appeals to me (a fabulous Willy Rizzo 1970s coffee table in stainless steel and aluminium for £3,950, a very cool American art deco sofa in birch and ebony for £2,850), it seems it’s the memorabilia that is getting some potential customers most excited.

Look out for a rare Czechoslovakian King Kong poster (pictured, £75,000), some of the posters from the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A (Dial M for Murder, £1,800), and Edith Head’s design sketches for Audrey Hepburn’s costumes in the film Sabrina (pictured, about £15,000).

There’s going to be an online magazine devoted to all things vintage and shortly they will be developing a section devoted to “future vintage” – that is, wonderful contemporary pieces that they’re convinced will still be desirable more than 20 years down the line.