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Paul Smith

Staffers with hidden talents and gifts from star cyclists: a good day in the studio

Paul Smith

November 08 2010
Paul Smith

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My usual early swim, and then straight into work for a catch-up because I’d been out of the office for a day and a half. I met a girl who used to work for me and has gone freelance. We had a great chat; it’s always interesting to catch up with her because she gets to see lots of different things in her work, and when we exchange them it sparks off new ideas in my head.

Then I saw a member of my staff, James Norris, who works in my Willoughby House shop in Nottingham. Unbeknownst to me (until now) he has a great hand as an illustrator – he actually studied at St Martins. It is so great when you discover hidden talents in friends or staff that you simply never suspected. If you are interested in his work, check out his blog,

Later in the morning I had a meeting with two of my buyers, since rather unbelievably we’re actually starting to buy for autumn/winter 2011 (help!). I suddenly had a phone call to say that cyclist Mark Cavendish – who’s a winner of stages in the tour of Italy, France, Spain and many more – was in town, and wanted to pop in to say hi and give me his green and red jerseys from the Tour of Spain. I quickly rearranged my schedule and saw him over a really nice lunch; having these racing jerseys to add to my collection is just great.

Right after lunch I actually had another guest – a young singer-songwriter called Jonathan Jeremiah. He likes what we do and we certainly like what he does – maybe you saw him on Jools Holland on BBC2 on Friday night, along with Kings of Leon and Eric Clapton? He’s a really nice guy, and has a new album out in March next year. After that I was on to an interview for the great Rapha cycle clothing line’s blog ( I did a 45-minute interview with Rapha’s boss, Simon Mottram – just chatting about cycle-related things, really.

A full day, and at the end of the day I had to zoom home – I was already late for getting organised for a fireworks evening, for which we had over my wife’s son and daughter-in-law with their little children. A good time was had by all, and then we went for pizza – brilliant.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog – as you’ve been able to tell, it’s a pretty hectic and varied life I have; but I love it.

All the best, Paul.

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