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Paul Smith

The designer hosts fashion’s favourite show and tell (with cupcakes and macaroons)

Paul Smith

November 03 2010
Paul Smith

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Another early morning for me. I went swimming at 6am then headed straight into the office, picking up a croissant on the way, and put on the new Neil Young album Le Noise as soon as I got in.

I was in our London showroom quite a bit today, as it was our press day – an open day for journalists and stylists to come and see the key pieces from the spring 2011 collections. It was quite a busy scene, but cupcakes and macaroons kept everybody going. The turnout was great, with all the key magazines, newspapers and websites in attendance. We had a huge wall of screens from Sharp showing short films and moving images of various projects I have going on at the moment – it was great to be able to show that work visually as well as the actual products.

Meanwhile, upstairs in my offices I worked on a talk that I am giving next week at the International Herald Tribune conference in London at the Intercontinental Hotel – it’s the 10th anniversary of their Luxury Conference. Hopefully it will be OK!

A meeting followed to discuss all the “hardware” for the new winter 2011 bags – buckles, clips, locks etc. We make most of our hardware exclusively, but the lead-time to do this is very long – longer than the bag production – so I have to be organised.

Maybe some of you know this (see my How To Spend It interview for The Aesthete), but for about 20 years an anonymous fan has been sending me “things” in the post from the US. The objects include a surfboard, a piece of wood, a sea-shell… the list goes on. They arrive quite frequently, and today we received a very shiny skull! But the main point of difference is that these amazing, curious objects that are sent to me are never in a box and always have the stamps and address written directly on them – it still amazes us how they get here, but they do. No one seems to blink an eyelid these days when the postman delivers a child’s scooter covered in stamps. In fact there’s been so much interest among clients and fans of ours in these objects that they have formed part of an exhibition that has been held in Thailand, China and now Korea.

The Korean one is currently on; it’s been hugely successful, with around 25,000 people visiting within two weeks. It is a combination of some things from my art collection, a selection of photographs that I have taken over the years (which are actually just snaps – nothing intellectual) and these wonderful posted objects.

Towards the end of the day, I met with two lads, Will Hudson and Alex Bec, from a great website and magazine called It’s Nice That, which has just published its fourth edition. They are interested in all areas of creativity, and we had a really good chat. Have a look:

I ended the day with a lovely supper with friends at the River Café, one of my favourite restaurants in London. The food there as I’m sure you know is fantastic, which is especially due to the superb ingredients (and of course the great cooking).

See you tomorrow.

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