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Ben Elliot

A special celebration – and a sporting humiliation

Ben Elliot

September 19 2010
Ben Elliot

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I spent most of Friday planning Quintessentially’s 10th anniversary. We are still working in Soho, although we have grown since there were a couple of us in a pokey office at the top of a building in Golden Square. We have had many adventures since then, and are proud of our team around the world and we constantly try to add to what we do and it is brilliant to work with so many motivated people in so many countries. We are putting a book together and we hope to have a party in December to thank all those who have supported us.

Yesterday I played cricket and was in the losing team, for the first time this season, which was very irritating. For most of the day the sun shone and it was warmer than most of this September but it began to drizzle and then rain as any chance of victory evaporated. We were a raggle-taggle team with great ambitions and a huge amount of banter, as smug about victory as the opposition.

Our chat slowed as they began to hit out. And they hit me specifically… pathetically… and the “owner” and manager of our team, the magnificent Harry Worcester, reminded me about this for most of the day and later in front of a large audience at the team dinner that evening.

Humiliated, I played tennis with a friend against two 14-year-olds (one boy, one girl) and they nearly destroyed us too. By dinner I think the week had had the better of me and my girlfriend; although I did remind her that they repeat The X Factor auditions on Sunday as well.

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