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Limited-run luxuries

Classic tweed jackets at reduced prices

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Limited-run luxuries

September 04 2010
Avril Groom

The many fans of Katherine Hooker’s beautifully fitted made-to-order tweed jackets are in for a treat. For 10 days, from September 8 to 18, she is offering the service on her classic styles in a selection of tweeds at reduced prices, as she clears some 40 old-favourite fabrics to make way for new styles. An extra incentive to visit is that all her prices, including ready-to-wear, will be going up at the end of September.

For anyone who has not had the pleasure of made-to-measure, this is a great starting point. Hooker’s designs are timeless, in keeping with the fashion mood and, depending on the fabrics chosen, a jacket can be a working mainstay or the star of an elegant country weekend. No appointment is necessary (though the first few days are likely to be busy) but the staff at the salon near London’s World’s End are great at pampering, advising on which tweed suits which clients, helping to choose a toning silk weave trim and taking measurements to ensure a flattering, curvaceous fit. Tweed swatches are also pictured on Hooker’s website to help clients prepare.

And the prices on orders taken during the sale? From £350 to £400 for jackets instead of £535-£575, coats are £475 (down from £650) and waistcoats £225 instead of £375. Delivery will take four to six weeks.