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Beach boutique par excellence – plus great travel jewels

Two top picks for summer-holiday surfing

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Beach boutique par excellence – plus great travel jewels

December 14 2012
Lucia van der Post

Black Tomato created something of a stir in the travel industry when it launched itself as the go-to company for high-end, bespoke travel experiences in 2006. And then, more recently, it occurred to Tom Marchant, one of its three founders, and his wife, Kirsty Hathaway, that there wasn’t a one-stop source for beach culture in all its heady aspects; somewhere to discover not just which sands are the whitest, which waves the best, but also what to wear and what to pack. Enter Beach Tomato. Anybody who has ever found that the look du jour in St Tropez isn’t quite the same as what cuts the mustard in Ibiza or St Bart’s will find the site not just a wealth of insider information, but also a great place for tracking down the very things you need when you get there. You might be redirected to an online store such as Net-a-Porter, or you could search the site for vintage swimwear and find, as I did, a divine black and white one-piece by Mouillé for £110. There’s advice on how to wear a kaftan (there are some wonderfully wacky examples by a certain Cynthia Conran), as well as an edited collection of the latest cabin baggage. It’s fun, informative, and it makes shopping for holiday kit easier than ever.

Meanwhile, for brilliant jewellery that’s colourful enough to transform the simplest T-shirt into something of a glamour number and yet not so expensive that travelling with it is worrisome, look no further than Miriam Salat. She’s a civil engineer who started making jewellery as a weekend sideline, selling it on the streets of SoHo before Barneys bought her first collection in 1993. Now she’s launched a proper, grown-up brand made up of colourful resin, silver and cubic zirconia. Gorgeous hot-pink earrings are $195, rings (first picture) start at $195 and cuffs at about $355. Prices are in dollars, but she will ship worldwide.