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The Rolls-Royce of ski gloves

At last, a truly gorgeous ski glove

The Rolls-Royce of ski gloves

Image: David Beechey

February 08 2010
Lucia van der Post

For keen skiers, “the kit” is always something of a debating point. Most of us could bore for England on the matter of which boot, which ski, which glove… yes, glove. Has anybody ever found a really satisfactory ski glove? One that kept out the wind, the cold and the wet and looked smart? Our ski bag is littered with grubby, inadequate little numbers. But a newish specialist company called Alexski seems to have cracked the problem.

Alexandra Bennett, a keen skier who used to sell Italian-made gloves, became fed up with the fact that she couldn’t find an attractive, warm, beautifully made ski glove, so she did what born entrepreneurs tend to do – got cracking, found a supplier of softest leather, a good tannery and a Milanese manufacturer. So today well-heeled skiers have a range of delightful ski gloves to choose from – lined with possum fur (possums are, it seems, a pest in New Zealand as their domestic habits are bad for trees), which is, so Bennett tells me, warmer than mink. They’re also interlined with Gore-Tex, are water- and wind-proof and look good, too.

All this means that they’re what you might call the Rolls-Royce of the ski-glove world, and are priced accordingly: £225 for the black or brown ones and £195 for any of the seven other coloured versions. They come as mitts (for women) or gloves for men and women in seven sizes (children’s versions in the pipeline). While they are designed with skiers in mind, there’s nothing to stop those who never set foot on the ski slopes from donning them back home. And if your feet are chilly, whether off or on the slopes, take a look at her possum-and-merino wool socks (£14.95).

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