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Nerio Alessandri

The founder of Technogym signs off with a dispatch from his family holiday idyll

Nerio Alessandri

August 01 2011
Nerio Alessandri

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7am: Wake-up call. When on holiday, I normally like to sleep in a bit later; however, on this particular morning the whole family need to be up and out of the house in order to catch our 10.05am flight from Bologna to Olbia (Sardinia).

A bit of last-minute packing and organising and we are on the road by 8am. Thankfully our journey is smooth and the flight takes off on schedule.

One hour later, we have landed safely in the beautiful, but rather windy, Sardinia. The holiday has begun! After a short car journey from Olbia airport to Porto Rotondo, a spectacular resort where we always spend our holidays, we can at last relax and start enjoying the stunning views. It’s only really now that I am starting to properly unwind.

We’ve visited Sardinia for many years now – it really does have some of the most crystal clear seawater in the Mediterranean. The Maddalena and Spargi Islands are equally as spectacular, so as a family we start planning an excursion.

Edoardo can’t wait for a swim, while Erica is really looking forward to meeting up with her close university friends who are coming out to join us for a week. For me, being on holiday here is a home from home – our children are happy and we get to see the same dear old friends year after year. Bliss.

I have great plans to relax, read and have some entertaining evenings with friends, not forgetting the occasional jog or a light training session. Luckily Technogym has equipped all the best gyms in the area such as Costa Smeralda Yachting Club, Cala di Volpe and Romazzino Hotels, so when it comes to choosing which beach club to train at, I’ve got plenty of options.

Among other reading materials I have also packed the final draft of my new book, Wellness: Choose to Live Well. It’s due to be published in time for Christmas, so the final version needs to be ready by mid-September. Thankfully it’s almost done, just a few final touches.

An evening swim followed by aperitivo hour – I can’t think of a better start to a holiday.

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