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Nerio Alessandri

Countdown to the big holiday departure for the founder of Technogym

Nerio Alessandri

July 30 2011
Nerio Alessandri

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6.30am: I wake and leave the house as quietly as possible so as to avoid waking the family. By 7am a few key members of our R&D team are waiting for me at the Technogym corporate gym – a 1,000sq m wellness centre which is open to all Technogym staff throughout the day. The team wants me to train on the prototypes of next-generation products they have just completed, so I happily oblige.

Admittedly I drove quite fast to join them, probably a tad too fast, as I simply couldn’t wait to see the new prototypes. I’m a designer after all, so it’s in my blood! Obviously I would never be able to comment on the secret concepts you’ll see in future gyms. Innovation represents a key priority in Technogym’s strategy; this is demonstrated by the great deal of resources – 200 people in R&D – and the attention that this department gets to make sure we are always at the cutting edge of innovative design. My personal trainer Simonetta, who has also attended the showcase, is just as excited as me about the new toys.

8am: A much-needed cappuccino and cornetto (the Italian version of croissant) order for everyone on the team from the very lovely local Gianni’s cafè, located just in front of Technogym HQ.

8.30am: Back in my office. I am very keen to finalise outstanding issues before the holidays commence. A meeting is arranged with Corrado Colli, my global sales director, so we can go through the highlights on last quarter’s business plan. The end of the summer holidays is a crucial period for us as a company, as in many countries people start enrolling in fitness clubs after the holiday season. Therefore, our sales team need to target their efforts in securing all renewal orders. We are actually trying to address this, through educational campaigns, as Technogym believes that wellness means training regularly all year round.

At 10am I had a meeting with the two Fabrizios, who are managing our software division. Come September, keep an eye out for the final My Wellness Key, which will be launching internationally. I don’t want to give too much away at this stage, but the My Wellness Key (worn on your belt) is a movement motivator that gives you movement targets and measurements of your daily activity – your gym away from a gym.

By 11.30am I started receiving distracting text messages from my friends, fellow holiday-goers. We are all busy planning every last detail of our first weekend, I think excitement is at fever pitch! I must get back into the work zone as I still have quite a few important meetings to attend before the end of the day.

At 12pm I had a meeting with guests who have just come in from Rome – they represent a big events management company we are taking into consideration to start planning the 2012 Wellness Congress, a big international event that will take place in late 2012. This will coincide with the reveal of the Technogym Village – our new Antonio Citterio-designed HQ I talked about earlier this week. We are expecting more than 2,000 people from all over the world. It should be quite an event!

Come 12.30pm I embarked on a visit to the Technogym Village construction site with my younger brother Pierluigi. He has been with me at Technogym from the very beginning and is now responsible for the Technogym Village project. By 13.30 we were back at the offices via a stop for lunch at Cantoni restaurant in Longiano, a gorgeous medieval village situated on the hillside not far from the company. After our meal, the remainder of the afternoon was spent talking about next year’s event.

At last... 18.30 arrives. Before leaving the office, I am handed a last round of documents to sign off by Eleonora – the yougest of the office angels. Following a late night yesterday, Natascia and Valentina had taken the afternoon off.

19.00 and I am finally on holiday. I rush home to finish packing because we have a 21.30 flight to Sardinia from Bologna airport (one hour away from Cesena). After what has felt like a year rushing around the world, I feel it’s really time to relax, so I manage to convince my family to postpone our flight until Saturday morning. That way, after packing we can all enjoy the start of our holiday with a delicious seafood dinner at Terrealte, the best local resturant for tuna tartare. Amore

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