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Nerio Alessandri

The Technogym founder on the morning after the beach party – and an inpsiring trip to his vineyard

Nerio Alessandri

July 29 2011
Nerio Alessandri

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7.30: I woke up a bit later than usual as last night turned out to be a pretty late night at the company annual beach party... too much fun, actually!

Now that you have had time to sleep on it, I can reveal that the software engineering department won the beach volley tournament. To be honest, two members of the winning team were former professional players, so really there was no contest.

Given the over-indulgence in bellissimo local Italian food last night, I simply couldn’t miss my daily morning work-out – even after a late night. Every now and again a little “gluttony” is all part of maintaining wellness.

Following my work-out, shower and a healthy bite of breakfast, I headed to my office at home to take part in a short phone interview with AD Magazine – Spain. The interview is going into their design industry profile page and they are particularly interested in hearing about Recline Personal, the first designed exercise bike with an integrated internet connection, that launches in November.

By 10 o’clock I was in the office where Michele and Alberto, my marketing and PR managers, were waiting for a strategy meeting on the “I Pledge” campaign which we will launch this September at the LIW (Leisure Industry Week) trade show in Birmingham. I don’t want to give too much away at this stage, but the campaign, which will start rolling out nationally in the UK in January 2012, will link Team GB and Paralympics GB to all the British population, leveraging the Olympic spirit. The athletes will make a pledge for their result in the games and they will invite the entire nation to make a pledge, however big or small, to help improve people’s health and lifestyle. Lots more information to come in due course...

At lunch I jumped in my car and headed to the Altavita vineyard, which is located in the hills 15 minutes from the office – my own vineyard – were we produce Tempora, a really high-quality sangiovese wine. Over a glass of wine and a dish of homemade tagliatelle, I had a long discussion with my business partners, the Giunchi brothers – young winemakers of the region. We discussed the new top-of-the-range Saiano wine label from the Altavita vineyard that we are about to launch for the Christmas season.

I returned to the office feeling truly inspired. The scenery in the vineyard makes me feel very happy. It really is spectacular. Feeling on top of the world, I headed straight into a board meeting with my six top management team. I am off on my summer holidays shortly with the family so the meeting was to ensure that I am fully briefed on semester figures. You will be pleased to know that I was very happy with the figures to date so wrapped up the meeting knowing that I can relax on holiday feeling extremely confident that my managers have the business under control.

Once the meeting had finished and my important emails were addressed, I headed back to my home to have a quiet dinner with my wife Stefania and my son Edoardo. My daughter Erica was out with friends for dinner locally so it was just the three of us. During dinner we started talking about our holidays which definitely got us excited. Not long to go now.

Once we had finished eating, everyone headed off to bed as tomorrow night we leave for Sardinia. Everyone needs their rest.

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