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Nerio Alessandri

The Technogym founder spreads the word of wellness – and looks forward to the annual company beach party

Nerio Alessandri

July 28 2011
Nerio Alessandri

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Giacomo and I took to the road early this morning, so sadly no work-out for me. Not all was lost, however, as the Technogym annual beach party later that evening made up for it!

Luckily my first meeting of the day was held at my home, Palazzo Romagnoli, where my colleagues Luigi, and the Wellness Foundation team greeted me with an espresso and a large document pertaining to The Wellness Foundation, our nonprofit arm which I created in 2003 to raise awareness of wellness as a social opportunity. Two topics were on the agenda: Wellness Valley, and Wellness Week. Are you detecting a theme here?

Ten years ago, The Wellness Foundation launched an idea – to make Romagna, our region in Italy, the Wellness Valley. We brought together all the local stakeholders, from private to nonprofit companies, public administrations, schools, universities, local health services and the worlds of arts and culture, and sat them under one roof. Fortunately, we all shared the idea of investing in the natural DNA of our land, known for good living and cultural standards, hospitality and economic wealth.

Ideas grew into practice and last year Cesena was ranked by Il Sole 24 Ore as the number-one city in Italy based on the happiness index. Progress, no doubt.

Today we prepared for the October 6 workshop which we are hosting at the Palazzo. We also discussed New York’s Wellness Week, which is being promoted by the World Economic Forum and the World Health Association in September. More to follow on that week. After a very productive meeting, my family surprised me and joined me for lunch – a rare occasion as I am usually at the office.

I spent the afternoon with Natascia – my office manager for 20 years – co-ordinating with our branches and international teams my busy travel schedule for September, taking me to New York, the UK, Singapore and China. The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up on paperwork and admittedly prepping for the night ahead – our company beach volley tournament and party.

Who will take this year’s title – will it be the medical research team, or the software engineering department? I’ll let you sleep on it.

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