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Jabra Stone

As a piece of design, this mobile phone earpiece is attractive, innovative – and foolish

Jabra Stone

January 14 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Nothing can make the ubiquitous Bluetooth mobile phone earpiece acceptable. Aliph has tried manfully with its Jawbone efforts and it should be quite sexy to walk around with an electronic bug in your ear. It is when US Secret Service agents do it, but it’s just not when you or I do. Not even with this (almost) brilliant new design from Jabra of Denmark.

The Jabra Stone is attractive and innovative. It lives and charges in a near-seamless pebble-like housing, then pops out cleverly to snuggle into your ear. It also works OK, with noise cancelling as good as dem Jawbones’. But here’s the lobe down: we thought the Danes were good at design. You can’t knock that Olufsen, can you? Or his friend Bang. The Jabra Stone, however, only fits into your right ear. This seems deeply earist.

And foolish. From observation, about half the population, like me, opt for the left ear. It’s most odd. The Stone is quite nice, though, if you’re right-eared and don’t mind looking like a numptie.

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