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Invoxia NVX 610 phone

It’s a complicated device, but it will simplify your working life

Invoxia NVX 610 phone

Image: Hugh Threlfall

November 11 2011
Jonathan Margolis

The desk phone is almost as much of an office dinosaur these days as the near-extinct Tyrannosaurus Rolodex. For calls, the mobile is now king, and the iPhone seems lately to have taken over narrowly from the BlackBerry as the king of the business mobiles. Even more surprising is how the iPad, also perceived initially to be a toy, is becoming a corporate must-wield.

All these facts make this distinctly Apple-looking office device from Paris tech company Invoxia all the more exciting. The NVX 610 is a complicated idea to which you will need to devote quite a bit of RAM to fully understand – and I don’t have space here to explain in detail. The bottom line, though, is that once you get your head round it, the Invoxia will significantly simplify and enhance your working life.

First, it converges your iPhone, landline communications and Skype into one device, so all calls coming in and out (and contacts) will be amalgamated into the elegant Invoxia box, to be heard either out loud through the loudspeakers or via the handset. (Warning: the landline of which I speak will need to be a VOIP – voice over internet – connection rather than a traditional analogue line. However, even if you’re not aware of it, it’s highly likely that your neglected office phone is already VOIP.)

Second, the Invoxia will make your iPhone or iPad the control panel for your desk phone, by means of free Invoxia apps. This may sound relatively boring but is superb in practice, bringing as it does all the fun and convenience of the Apple fair to the dull business of being a desk phone.

Lastly, and the Invoxia’s coolest trick: it morphs into the mother and father of conferencing devices. You really have to hear this to appreciate it – and to be conferencing with another Invoxia – so you may need to trust me and buy blind. You won’t be disappointed. The Invoxia, you see, has eight speakers and eight microphones ranged 360 degrees around its lustrous form. This helps give the most amazing 3-D spatial effect you’ve ever heard. In conference with other Invoxias, the effect of people speaking at you from left, right and across the virtual table will knock you out.