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Emporia RL1 phone

A fuss-free phone that’s a breeze to use

Emporia RL1 phone

Image: Hugh Threlfall

October 05 2011
Jonathan Margolis

I first thought this was an entry into the mobile-phone market by an Italian or Japanese fashion brand. The minimalist, stylish form and maximalist numbers suggested such.

However, closer examination revealed that it is designed with older and less physically able people in mind – even though the blurb on the Vodafone website steers clear of this and emphasises, quite correctly, that it’s a phone for speaking and texting only. The phone operates with simplicity and convenience at all levels, and has an enhanced audio quality, speakerphone, a charging dock, alterable text size, and even a built-in torch, which you don’t see a lot these days.

The thing is that while all these delights are, indeed, perfectly suited to seniors, they are also not unsuited to many technophobic captains of industry I can think of. So if you don’t use a mobile for anything other than to bark orders to subordinates and fire off the occasional brusque and ill-spelt text, this could be your phone du jour.

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