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INQ Cloud Touch

It’s modestly priced – but doesn’t look or feel at all cheap

INQ Cloud Touch

Image: Hugh Threlfall

August 21 2011
Jonathan Margolis

At this time of year, I always try to find some technology ideal for young ’uns going off to university, and this extremely attractive smartphone from INQ, a lesser and rather underrated manufacturer, could be perfect for the new student.

Well, OK, let’s put that differently: it could be the perfect compromise for when your offspring wants an iPhone, but you can think of about 30 reasons not to give an 18-year-old a £500-ish piece of technology for pocket or handbag. And it’s absolutely the case that if you buy a young person a decent phone of any kind, they will almost certainly drop it, lose it or have it stolen within a term.

The INQ Cloud Touch is incredibly good value. And since it doesn’t look or feel at all cheap – in fact, it’s really smooth and nice on both counts – and your new student will probably get through three of them by the first summer vacation, you may care to take notice.

The INQ is an Android phone, which is OK. It has superb Facebook integration and is also in bed with Spotify. You don’t have to pay to join Spotify to play your music, though, and you can easily (well, rather difficultly) import music from your iTunes library.

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