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Burnside fixed cellular phones

A mobile that’s not mobile – what’s the point?

Burnside fixed cellular phones

Image: Hugh Threlfall

August 07 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Would you entertain the idea of a mobile phone disguised as a desktop or home phone? A mobile that isn’t mobile may seem somewhat silly. The last one I recall was the ill-fated Rabbit phone of the early 1990s. But British company Burnside has been ploughing this slightly lonely furrow, and this, its Easy Answer phone, is far less pointless than it seems.

Yes, I was incredulous when I heard about the Burnside, but the desktop mobile is one of those odd pieces of technology for which uses occur to you the more you think about it. A desk phone is often preferable to a mobile, so for a temporary office without a landline, a garden office, a boat, an elderly relative’s care home or a rented villa abroad, this could be very useful. The Easy Answer is particularly good for the elderly, as you don’t have to pick it up to answer or to call, plus you can send texts from it. But Burnside has other models aimed more at businesses and home users. Among buyers are Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, the Metropolitan Police and the Cabinet Office.

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