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Vertu Constellation Ayxta

Just holding the new Vertu in your hands is a joy; its ringtones, meanwhile, are specially composed

Vertu Constellation Ayxta

November 14 2009
Jonathan Margolis

Flip phones are much more the thing (oops, almost said “common”) in the US, China and Japan than in Britain, so it’s understandable that British export hero Vertu (when is that Queen’s Award coming?) should now have created a foldable model – and being Vertu, it’s quite something.

The Vertu Constellation Ayxta is a mini engineering wonder you will enjoy just holding and turning in your hands. The hinge mechanism feels as though it has a powered hydraulic system. Quite exquisite. (But do resist, as I couldn’t at the launch, testing the Ayxta as a micro catapult for small pieces of bread.) Indeed, God, for Vertu, is in the detail. Accordingly, the Ayxta features ringtones of specially composed music by British Grammy nominees Zero 7, recorded on real instruments. I am not making this up.

I found the Ayxta a bit tricky to use, but not terminally so. Something new and very, very well done is the phone’s City Brief feature of local traveller information. It’s brief, but testing it for London and Shanghai, at least I found it highly accurate and judicious.

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