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Mobile phone signal repeaters

If there’s a mobile signal somewhere, this device will find it

Mobile phone signal repeaters

July 31 2011
Jonathan Margolis

If I know you, you’re likely to be reading this at your holiday home. And if I know holiday homes, you’re likely to be biting your head off in frustration at having to hang out of a high window to get your mobile to work. I know the feeling, having moved to a part of London with practically no mobile coverage.

But there is a solution. Owing to the vagaries of ultra-high-frequency radio, this repeater device, one of several available from Mobilerepeater, won’t work in every location, but it will do the best at getting the technological equivalent of blood from a stone – and the importer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if none of its devices works for you. Mobilerepeater’s setups hunt for a trace of a signal with the included aerial, and then rebroadcast it within your home or office.

How did mine work? Pretty well, but for one problem – a listing on my building means that I can’t mount the external aerial properly, and hanging out of my office window, it still struggles. It may well work for you, though.

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