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Magicbox Torque phone

Pick up this new landline phone, and it will say ‘quality’

Magicbox Torque phone

Image: Hugh Threlfall

July 10 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Almost two years ago, I introduced you to a remarkable little fixed-line cordless home phone called the Magicbox Colombo Two. It only cost £40, which hardly suggests a classic, but lots of you who bought it loved it. There is a continuing, if largely overlooked, demand for decent home phones now that the mobile number tends to be the one you give to everyone important.

For those who like making landline calls, this phone, the Torque, from the same manufacturer, is another special product. It claims to be the world’s first fully touch-screen landline phone, and I can’t find anything to counter that boast. It comes in a high-gloss black or white, and feels like a quality piece of technology for around £80, depending on which option you go for; it can be bought in twin packs, which seems a good idea.

It has a hatful of features, including an SMS facility and answering machine that will take messages of up to three minutes. It also offers a range of 50m indoors and 300m outdoors, at a push.

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