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HTC Incredible S

It looks jolly and colourful, but this phone is also ideal for business use

HTC Incredible S

Image: Hugh Threlfall

June 01 2011
Jonathan Margolis

I was banging on about HTC phones 10 years ago, but they’ve only become insanely popular in the past couple of years. In my experience, people who are into Desires, Wildfires and Salsas are now almost as passionate about them as others are about iPhones and BlackBerries.

I think people love today’s HTC at a visceral level because, like the iPhone, it has a jaunty and distinctive interface, HTC Sense, with those date and time icons that always remind me of fresh towels hanging gaily from a washing line. It’s also manifest that, despite the jolliness, these are serious phones perfectly suitable for business use. With their particular affinity for Windows PCs, with which they mate happily, they are, in effect, iPhones for PC people.

The new Incredible S model is a very good phone. It’s a thoughtful design with a beautiful 4in touch screen that renders web pages unusually well, Flash included. And HTC has confirmed that it is committed to upgrading the Android version to Gingerbread tout de suite.

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