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Google Nexus S

It’s a phone from the future, available now

Google Nexus S

February 26 2011
Jonathan Margolis

As I keep saying these days, Samsung is at the very top of its game. This, the new Google Nexus S phone based loosely on the Samsung Galaxy S, borders on the remarkable. It’s Google-designed, Samsung-built and the first mobile with the latest Gingerbread version of Google’s Android operating system.

It has a superb (AMOLED) 4in screen and a super-fast processor, but it’s the software that wows the most, with a heap of tempting features and natty little flourishes. Combined, these make it a worthy challenger to the (slightly slimmer) iPhone 4 or the Taiwanese HTC Android phones.

The funny thing is, though, that the outstanding feature of the Nexus S is something you can’t use yet. The phone can read NFC (Near Field Communication) tags, which means that one day you’ll be able to wave it around to pay for things, exchange business cards and extract web links or videos from posters. When NFC becomes commonplace, of course, the Nexus S will be as current as a Ford Anglia, but don’t let that stop you buying this excellent phone.

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