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Evertek Double SIM mobile phone

A mobile phone that could make travelling less complicated

Evertek Double SIM mobile phone

November 13 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Mobile phones with two SIMS are hugely popular in many parts of the world (Work phone/Personal phone, Number for Wife/Number for Mistress…), but it was only while browsing through the Retail Therapy magazine on a Virgin Atlantic flight that I found a dual-SIM phone on offer to UK buyers. To be accurate, you have to be travelling out of or towards the UK on a Virgin or BA flight to take delivery of the neat, useful Evertek Double SIM mobile phone.

The Evertek comes from a Tunisian company – which is a first here – and has an English and Arabic keyboard to show for it. My test model was slightly cranky, to be honest. It had a few odd habits, only a modest battery life and an occasional reluctance to accept some types of UK SIM. Its functionality isn’t going to give Apple or Nokia restless nights, but once I got it working in China with an Orange SIM in one slot and a China Mobile in the other, I became rather fond of it. It’s unusual and makes travelling slightly less complicated. So not at all bad.

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