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RTX Wireless Phone Jack

It’s quite boring – but incredibly useful

RTX Wireless Phone Jack

October 22 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Phone sockets are still a necessity of domestic life, even though most of us conduct important phone calls on mobiles. But if you want to move a fixed-line socket within any property, you’ll probably end up with a lot of unsightly wiring – or the need for building work.

I, for example, have never been able to use my Sky+ HD box to its full red-button potential because the phone socket is 5m away and having it moved is too tedious. Everybody has a similar annoyance, such as a fax machine (yes, people do still use them) that can’t be sited near a phone socket.

This boring-but-important gadget changes all that. Plug one unit into the mains near your existing phone socket, plug the other into another socket up to 50m away and it becomes a remote phone socket. You’ve moved your phone in two minutes, without wiring.

Better still, these Wireless Phone Jacks are also compatible with the output of Sky boxes, so you can extend your Sky service throughout the house.

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