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Moshi Moshi MM03 Bluetooth phone

A supremely stylish bluetooth phone

Moshi Moshi MM03 Bluetooth phone

October 18 2010
Jonathan Margolis

This phone from Hong Kong looks great; it also feels superb and does a unique and useful job. You notice I don’t say that it does that job superbly well, because, frankly, it could do better. But it makes the cut nonetheless.

The Moshi Moshi MM03 is a completely wireless (ie, it doesn’t need to be plugged in, except to charge) Bluetooth phone that enables iPhone users to take calls up to 30ft away from their iPhone.

The MM03 is pleasingly heavy and feels as if it costs more than its £90. Though it’s aimed at iPhones, it can be coaxed (you know how it is with Bluetooth) to mate with other devices, including computers.

The drawbacks? Well, it’s easy to use it upside down, as the handset looks the same both ways up, which can get really annoying. And a lot of people have also complained that the outgoing sound quality is a bit distant. Well, they can just listen harder, because this is a very stylish phone.

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