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Amplicom M6000 phone

A phone for older people that’s worth shouting about

Amplicom M6000 phone

Image: Hugh Threlfall

October 01 2010
Jonathan Margolis

This, fresh from Germany, is the perfect mobile phone for older people, if you happen to own one and are fed up with him/her shouting, “Eh? What are you saying?” and, “Why are the numbers on these bloomin’ things so small?”

But the funny thing is, the Amplicom M6000 might also be perfect for you if you aren’t hard of hearing but do regularly need to use a phone in a noisy environment. Because the clever thing is that, apart from the big numbers on the keys, it doesn’t look at all remedial or like an assisted living aid.

The M6000 is, by my guess, twice as loud as the average phone, at 30 Decibels. The ring tone, at 100Db, could do you a mischief if you were too close – and even the vibrate (which I invariably miss on other phones) is a veritable bone rattler. There’s also a superb speakerphone feature.

The M6000 has all the stuff you’d expect – plus other discreetly hidden, supremely sensible stuff for the elderly, such as the “Man Down” fall detector and the SOS panic button. The display is also unusually clear. A bit of a long shot, this, but could it become a bit of a cult phone in noisy City offices?

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