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Parrot MINIKIT Primavera bluetooth hands-free kit

A hands-free bluetooth kit from yet another peculiar French brand

Parrot MINIKIT Primavera bluetooth hands-free kit

September 20 2010
Jonathan Margolis

An e-mail from Fiona Bruce isn’t something the average man can take without a quickening of the heartbeat and a quivering of the Adam’s apple.

The Fiona Bruce who e-mailed me the other week, however, turned out to be the PR for yet another peculiar French brand – Parrot – one of the earliest technology companies I had contact with in the 1990s, but from whom I’ve barely heard a squawk of late.

My disappointment that the real Fiona hadn’t been in touch (fair enough, to this one’s mum and her friends, she is the real Fiona, I suppose) was short-lived. That’s because Parrot’s new limited-edition Bluetooth portable hands-free kit, the Primavera, is very sweet and comely. Indeed, my womenfolk all want to keep it.

The Primavera is a one-season-only special edition and would grace many a stylish car. It’s a nice piece of technology, too, which will chirrup away merrily for hours at a time from your dashboard or desk. You can also voice-dial with consummate ease, within the usual bounds of technology (ie, most of the time); just say the name of one of the contacts in your phonebook and the Primavera will dial the number for you.

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