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Novero TheTalkyOne

A stylish Bluetooth unit that keeps you in touch while on the road

Novero TheTalkyOne

Image: Hugh Threlfall

June 10 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Using driving time efficiently by making all your phone calls from behind the wheel is an essential business tenet, I believe. It’s crazy how much time we spend when we should be working simply holding a steering wheel and staring into the distance.

The problems with making calls while driving need no reiteration. Even if you think you’re the one driver who’s safe holding the phone and talking, it’s probable that the traffic officer behind you disagrees. Wired hands-free microphones can be fiddly, while cars with built-in SIM cards and internal phones are great but confusing as you end up having two different mobile numbers. The only workable solution is to use your normal phone with its normal number while in the car, which brings us to Bluetooth speakerphones.

This Bluetooth unit from Germany is stylish, ergonomic and practical, with a few features you rarely see – such as the ability to tell you audibly the names of incoming callers and even read out text messages in passable English. The TalkyOne by Novero has a single-touch button that allows calls to be managed with one press. It is universal for pretty well all Bluetooth phones and can be fixed securely on sloping dashboards or sun visors. It has an impressive 180 hours’ standby and 15 hours’ talk time, which will allow a good few deals to be done – and safely.

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