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Canadian experts feed vital travel information direct to your BlackBerry


October 09 2009
Jonathan Margolis

Advice for business travellers tends to come only when you seek it out, but this new paid-for BlackBerry application, Nomadz, from Zurich Financial Services seeks you out and gives sage tips and advice even when you aren’t aware that you need them.

Zurich is marketing it as the “electronic guardian angel” and it is not dependent on your having Zurich travel insurance. Nomadz aggregates reliable information on relevant medical, health and security issues and feeds them to you wherever it locates you. You can also be proactive, of course, and request information ahead of your arrival.

The information Nomadz customers get comes from a skilled team based in Canada (like the BlackBerry itself), which I like the sound of: American fear of everything tempered with Scottish sensibleness and French practicality seems a good mix if it’s reliable, non-hysterical, professional advice you need.

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