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Motorola Milestone

A smart new smartphone from Motorola

Motorola Milestone

Image: Hugh Threlfall

May 06 2010
Jonathan Margolis

For much of last year, there was rumour of a new smartphone from Motorola called Droid, which would be the definitive iPhone killer-killer, if you see what I mean. It took an awful long time coming, and in the UK it isn’t called Droid but the tamer Milestone. But it does, as promised, stand out from the crowd of rival iPhone/BlackBerry wannabes. It’s by far my favourite rival.

The screen on the Milestone is especially fine to my eye, with a picture quality that makes the iPhone’s already excellent screen look almost grainy. The phone uses the Google Android 2.0 interface, which I’m not wild about, but many are. It has a good physical Qwerty keyboard as well as virtual on-screen keys, a 5MP camera with a flash, excellent video capability – and you can slip in a micro SD card of up to 32GB, which means you can carry an enormous amount of entertainment with you.

The Milestone is unusually thin and light at 13.7mm and 165g. The inevitable downside? It does feel a wee bit plasticky and flimsy.

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