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Wild and Wolf Trimphone

An iconic 1970s phone is back – well, sort of

Wild and Wolf Trimphone

Image: Hugh Threlfall

April 14 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Remember the BT Trimphone from the 1970s? Fancy looking like Peter Wyngarde playing Jason King as you take a telephone call? Well, the Trimphone is back, more or less. This amusing new fake red Trimphone (other colours are available) is almost the real thing, made in China and commissioned by Wild and Wolf in Bath.

The fake Trimphone is a slight disappointment in that the dial isn’t quite authentic. Just to be phone geeky for a minute, early BT Trimphones had a GPO rotary dial, later ones the new-fangled digital push buttons. This one has push buttons in a rotary dial form, which is both cheating and not all that pleasant to use. But come on, this is a novelty phone, so what am I carping about? It works, all right-ish, and looks amazing – you couldn’t fail to notice it in a room.

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