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Vodafone Sure Signal access gateway

There aren’t many new genres of gadget these days, but this is one

Vodafone Sure Signal access gateway

April 08 2010
Jonathan Margolis

You can be the world’s biggest workaholic, but if you live in a mobile-reception black hole – or, worse still, if you’ve relocated your business to a dingly dell in Devon where mobile-phone coverage has yet to penetrate – you are what’s known in business terms as somewhat knackered.

Or at least you were until this came along from Vodafone. There aren’t many new genres of gadget these days, but this is one. It’s effectively a mini mobile-phone cell that routes your (Vodafone 3G, natch) calls, plus those of up to three more Voda-flavoured 3G mobiles at any one time, via your fixed-line broadband. It may seem a bit weird, taking mobile phone calls and connecting them down a traditional phone line, but it’s a solution that works amply and could be the saving of many a rural business.

You need a broadband connection of at least 1Mbps, which isn’t a stretch. Then up to 32 Vodafone mobile numbers can be registered to work with the device – so family, friends, regular clients and so on can all get a bit of life-saving coverage, while passing ramblers won’t be able to play. £50-£120, depending on which Vodafone payment plan is chosen.

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