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Inq Chat 3G

This new phone is for chatterers as much as talkers.

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Inq Chat 3G

March 21 2010
Jonathan Margolis

This new phone from 3’s impressive stable of style-orientated phones has the look and feel of a BlackBerry with the modishness of a blueberry. As well as built-in Windows Live Messenger and Skype, the Inq Chat 3G comes with full-fat Facebook and Twitter, and as much functionality as on a PC.

You can run apps concurrently, so you can have an IM chat while checking Facebook and e-mail. It also plays nicely with Hotmail and Yahoo! and runs wirelessly as a modem to get your laptop onto the web via 3’s decent 3G network.

So am I saying that this is a BlackBerry for gossipy guys and girls who find a BlackBerry too corporate by half? Well, yes, I do believe Iam.

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